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new Software and major updates

April 2016
DNS Server 1.6 supporting hosts and domain block lists.
SSL for hanewin.com and hanewin.net
Sept 2015
all server software tested to run on Windows 10
NFS Server 1.2.15 minor fixes.
June 2012
LLDP Agent 1.4.6 with native 64-Bit version.
May 2012
NFS Server 1.2.2 with native 64-Bit version.
April 2012
DNS Server 1.5 with native 64-Bit version.
March 2012
TFTP Server 1.6 with native 64-Bit version.
Aug 2010
LLDP Agent 1.4 with driver for 64-Bit systems.
Dec 2009
LLDP Agent 1.3 with implementation of the Cisco Discovery Protocol.
Sep 2009
Server software updates for Windows 7 completed.


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